Fact: Croatia's appeal is grounded in its spectacular nature - waterfalls, forests, mountains and the dazzling Adriatic coast. Croatia is the land of thousand islands, precisely 1246 and only 66 are inhabited. Its Adriatic Sea mainland coast is the most indented coastline in the Mediterranean. Croatia is a European Union member state, situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, with a total area of 56,594 square kilometres and a population of 4.28 million.

Croatia has the highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods among European countries along with Spain. Croatia has 8 national parks, 11 nature parks and 2 strict reserves. It is the home of the necktie/cravat, mechanical pencil, famous sportsman, Game of Thrones King's Landing, the smallest town in the world (Hum) and the 6th largest amphitheatre in the world and the only one with all 3 rows preserved.

This combination of timeless unspoilt nature coupled with beautifully preserved centuries-old architecture and a lively contemporary cultural scene, including an ever-growing number of music festivals, promises rewarding memories for anyone who wishes to explore it.

More than 18 million tourists visited Croatia last year.

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