The Gambia (officially the Republic of the Gambia) is located in Western Africa and occupies an area of 11,300 square kilometres. It is bordered to the north, south and east by Senegal and has an 80 kilometre coast on the Atlantic ocean to the west. The country’s borders roughly correspond with the path of the River Gambia.

The Gambia has been a popular holiday destination since the mid 1960s and enjoys a sub-tropical climate with distinct dry and rainy seasons. Most tourists come during the winter months between October to February with a steady tailing off of visitors from March to May. However the cheapest time to go is during the rainy season when many of the most popular beaches are relatively empty however the heat & humidity in August and September can be stifling.

There are a wide choice of types of accommodation available to travellers ranging from luxury 5 star hotels & lodges to budget accommodation whether it be 1 to 2 star hotels or privately run guest houses and lodges. Most of the accommodations are located on or near the coastal resorts' fringes in particular Kololi and Kotu.

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